Four Seasons For Paws

****Please note: You must have a car and a deep love for animals to apply for this position!  Must also be able to self-manage and must be comfortable walking and driving in inclement weather.  A smart phone is required to access our pet sitting software****

·        Four Seasons For Paws will call you with dates that client will need you and location of sit. If accepted, we will set up a meet and greet for you to meet the client.
·        You will be required to read all client and pet information in the software before the meet and greet so you can be sure to ask questions about things that aren't clear to you.
·        Visit times are generally: 30 minutes for dogs and 30 minutes for cats and small animals.
·        The time will be spent walking the dog(s), playing with and giving love to the animals, feeding the animal(s), cleaning up any messes you (or they) have made (counter and spoons cleaned), scooping the litter box daily, mail and paper pickup, and any light watering for indoor/outdoor plants. You are required to clock into the job using the Precise Pet Care app.  You will also be required to fill out an online journal with details of the visit for the client and to clock out after the visit and journal have been completed.
·        Pet sitting visits are usually done at approximately the same time each day to maintain continuity for the dog(s), cat(s) and/or bird(s). Most cat visits are once daily, and that time can (usually) be as suits your schedule. If the visits are twice daily for cats, they are usually scheduled between 8-10 a.m. and between 4-6pm.  If they are for puppies and dogs, they are usually scheduled between 10-12am and 3-6 pm.
·        If you receive a key to the house, you will need to put the key in your pocket the moment you arrive in the house so you do not leave the key in the house and lock yourself out!
·        Please also respect client confidentiality. Do not bring your friends or children to the house or tell anyone that a particular client is away.

Due to the bonding that occurs between sitter and animal(s), we require at least a six-month commitment to work with our company on an ongoing basis for any position with Four Seasons For Paws. Please let us know if you have any questions about this or are unable to commit to us for the next six months.

Most pet sit "assignments" are one week or more, but some may include weekends. We prefer hiring sitters that are available for both.

Pay schedule for pet visits is as follows:

$ 10  per 30 minute cat, dog, or small animal visit/ walk.

 **Four Seasons For Paws offers 20-60 minute visits.  You receive additional pay for longer visits, more pets and responsibilities, and major holidays.

Morning/Afternoon Pet Sitter Job Description

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